Snorkel Tips For Beginners!

SNORKEL TIPS FOR BEGINNERS! If you are spending your NEXT VACATION in the RIVIERA MAYA you have to snorkel in at least one of its beautiful  BEACHES, REEFS, CENOTES and/or UNDERGROUND RIVERS. The YUCATAN PENINSULA has a unique geological composition. Its LIMESTONE, together with its TROPICAL WEATHER and BIODIVERSITY, have created one of the MOST [...]

Top 5 Beaches in Riviera Maya To Visit this Summer

TOP 5 BEACHES IN RIVIERA MAYA TO VISIT THIS SUMMER The Riviera Maya is KNOWN WORLDWIDE for being one of the best destinations when it comes to searching for THE BEST BEACHES IN THE WORLD. Therefore, for this summer season we decided to make a list with OUR RECOMMENDATIONS without order of preference; simply we decided [...]

Playa del Carmen: local tips for a local quest

Playa del Carmen: local tips for a local quest Playa del Carmen (or simply ‘Playa’ as we call it) is not a typical resort complex or tourist destination. Playa is vibrant, funky and fun. Due to its regional importance and international recognition, it offers a wide variety of cultural activities. Playa is the heart of [...]

The marvel of Chichen Itza’s equinox

The marvel of Chichen Itza’s equinox There isn’t a more astonishing spectacle in Peninsula de Yucatan that the equinox in Chichen Itza. The wisdom and technology of the Mayan culture unveil with splendor the change of season, twice every year the sun delineates a snake out of light over “El Castillo” of Chichen Itza. Discover [...]

Coba & The Jungle

Coba & The Jungle The Secret of Coba The inscriptions on the walls, stelae and stone panels of this archaeological site hide the secrets of this ancient Mayan city. Archaeologists have deciphered the meaning of its name, Coba, is the place of "chopped water", or the "humidity of water". The reason for its name is [...]

The birth of the Yucatan Peninsula’s Cenotes & Underground Rivers

The birth of the Yucatan Peninsula’s Cenotes & Underground Rivers Yucatan Peninsula: land of cenotes and subterranean rivers Did you know that the YUCATAN PENINSULA has more than 7 THOUSAND CENOTES and CAVERNS that are connected to each other by SUBTERRANEAN RIVERS? Throughout millions of years, the water FILTRATION advanced the erosion of the CALCAREOUS [...]

Tulum: 4 different worlds

Tulum: A Quartet of Bohemian Beach Life, Value for Money, Ancient Mayan History and Luxury Lifestyle Gorgeous white-sand beaches, friendly and easy-going locals, good food, relaxation and spirituality are some of Tulum´s timeless and simple pleasures. Once a sleepy hippie outpost, Tulum has become a popular destination for those searching for a relaxing and close-to-nature [...]

My Top 7 Tips Guide for Whale Shark Tours

Can you imagine being in the middle of the sea surrounded by the largest creatures of the deep? If you are an animal enthusiast, picking a whale shark tour in Mexico is an extraordinary wildlife encounter that you definitely want to experience. Whale sharks are gentle animals that can reach the incredible length of 50 […]

Chichen Itza Tours: the best locations to begin this historical trip

Chichen Itza Tours have become very popular over time. Each year, the ruins of Chichen Itza, one of the most impressive archeological sites in Mexico, attract millions of people from all over the world who want to experience a memorable trip into the past. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, midway between Cancun and […]