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What is included
  • English speaking Snorkelling Expert all day.
  • Professional and disinfected premium snorkel equipment.
  • Yalku Lagoon entrance fee.
  • Open Cenote entrance fee.
  • Cave & Underground River entrance fee.
  • Passenger insurance.
  • Free extra time in all activities.
  • Cold bottled water all day.
What you should bring
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Towels & swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • A BIG smile 🙂
What is not included
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Souvenirs
  • Tips (optional)
Price List
  • 2
    $139 USD p/p
  • 3-4
    $124 USD p/p
  • 5-7
    $109 USD p/p
  • 8-10
    $94 USD p/p
  • 11-12
    $79 USD p/p
  • 13-17
    $69 USD p/p
  • $50 USD p/k
  • Age: 3-11 years
  • FREE!
  • Age: 0-2 years
Contact Us
  • Speak with one of our local experts
  • Experience our flexibility
  • Answer all your questions
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Easy Reservation
  • Pay on the day of your tour
  • We accept cash or credit card
  • (Visa & MasterCard)
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Pickup Location
  • Cancun
  • Playa del carmen
  • Tulum
  • +Any Hotel or Airbnb in the Riviera Maya
Start your adventure
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*All federal and state taxes are included.

It will not be a normal day, this will not be your average tour, as you are about to ...

live an unusually great snorkeling adventure.

Our expedition was planned by a snorkeling expert, our local detective has swum in more than 300 cenotes, thus he uses all his experience to create a perfect itinerary, so you get to know the true best places. When we refer you to the best cenotes, we don’t necessarily refer you to the most popular cenotes or the ones that all tourists visit, as for us the best places are those that are not that crowded, clean, totally crystalline and above all, authentic.

We strive to create an exclusive, diferent and complete tour, which is why we decided to call this adventure " Cenotes, Snorkel as never before", as you will be able to experience 3 totally diferent water ecosystems in a single day, an open cenote, a cavern and a unique aquatic ecosystem; a set of what were once several cenotes linked to each other through an underground river that when joined, they became a lagoon that flows into the sea.

A key factor for a good experience is a good equipment, as we have premium equipment, disinfected, with which you will not see a single fogging particle, as it doesn’t allow any water access to your eyes or your mouth, our vests are sanitized too.

Our guide will ensure for you to feel safe and protected, the snorkeling expert is equipped with a water rattle, which allows sounds to be emitted through water. This way we improve the guide-tourist aquatic communication, we also carry a rescue floater to be able to assist a person who may have difculties in the activities, we call it the "Taxi". You only hold this rescue floater, and we carry you, if you wear glasses, don’t worry, because at the time of your reservation, you can give us your prescription number. Our team is not only professional and clean, we also have prescription masks.

If you don’t have a waterproof camera, don’t worry. When making the reservation, you can request the aquatic and adventure photography service completely free, as our guide will take the latest generation Go Pro camera. He will be your photographer but you can also use the camera.

The meeting point will be at your hotel, a federal SUV with tourist plaques will pick you up. Our frst activity will be the Yalku Lagoon, when we arrive before other tourists, you will fnd the waters less stirred and much more crystalline, we will take the SUV to arrive to the second point, an open cenote, located in the middle of the Mayan jungle, with an incredible landscape, you will feel as if you were in a Tarzan flm. We have chosen this cenote because it is very fun, in this magical place you can jump from a platform, or run through a zip-line, flying above the cenote, the moment will come where the zip line's path ends and you have to let yourself fall into the cenote, and you will have a great time. We have left our most mysterious place as last; we will enter 12 minutes in the middle of the jungle, park the truck in a Mayan village, walk a bit and fnd a hole, then we will enter the underground to realize that it is a new world down there, you won’t believe how beautiful the jungle can be inside it.