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¿Qué está incluido?
  • Guía arqueológico certificado & bilingüe.
  • Experto local todo el día.
  • Entrada al sitio arqueológico.
  • Bicicleta o limusina Maya en Coba (usted elige).
  • Entrada a cenote.
  • Entrada a caverna & río subterráneo.
  • Equipo profesional prémium y desinfectado de Esnórquel.
  • Seguro de pasajeros.
  • Tiempo libre en todas las actividades.
  • Agua embotellada (fría) todo el día.
¿Qué debes traer?
  • Zapatos o tenis cómodos
  • Trajes de baño y toallas
  • Bloqueador solar
  • Una GRAN sonrisa 🙂
¿Qué no está incluido?
  • Comida en restaurante local
  • Recuerdos
  • Propinas (opcional)
Lista de precios:
  • 2
    $159 USD p/p
  • 3-4
    $139 USD p/p
  • 5-7
    $119 USD p/p
  • 8-10
    $104 USD p/p
  • 11-12
    $89 USD p/p
  • 13-17
    $79 USD p/p
  • $50 USD c/u
  • Edad: 3-11 años
  • Gratis!
  • Edad: 0-2 años
  • Habla con nuestros expertos locales
  • Comprueba nuestra flexibilidad
  • Respondemos todas tus preguntas
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Reserva Fácil
  • Paga el mismo día del tour
  • Aceptamos efectivo y tarjeta de crédito (Visa & MasterCard)
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Lugar de Encuentro
  • Cancún
  • Playa del carmen
  • Tulum
  • +Cualquier hotel o Airbnb en la Riviera Maya
Empieza tu aventura
March 2017
Lun Mar Mie Jue Vie Sab Dom

*Todos los impuestos federales y estatales están incluidos.

Coba is one of our favorite archeological sites.

This tour is designed for living and felling the jungle…

We start at 7.15 in the morning because we want you to be one of the first ones to arrive and enjoy this site intimately, without lines and multitudes, and feel the freshness of the jungle around you. Our local expert will meet you punctually in your lodgment and you should be arriving at Coba around 8.45 am (1.30 hours of transfer from Playa del Carmen, it may vary from other starting points).

We love this site because it’s the only one in Riviera Maya in which you can ride a bike and truly feel and explore the jungle. In order to reach the main pyramid, you will need to cross 1.2 miles of fresh jungle and pedaling through the jungle is a great adventure. The breeze and smell of the jungle, the sing of birds and the sight of wild animals will make you feel free and in peace. Without doubt, you will deeply immerse yourself into the Mayan culture.

In Coba you will encounter Mayan steles, traditional ball game courts and small Mayan roads that will enchant you. At the end of the crossing you will see the pyramid of Nohoch Mul – the tallest in the Yucatan Peninsula. Park your bike and admire the summit, 42 steps will take you to the top, where you will have an astonishing view. The Yucatan Peninsula is flat, that is why the view at the top is spectacular, your photos will be incredible. Take your time to recharge your energy and refresh (it’s important to drink a lot of water). When you are ready start your way back through the jungle, at your rhythm, your pace.

Your local expert will be waiting for you in the entrance of the site, ready to start the second part of the adventure: a sky open cenote and a cavern with an underground river. The Cenotes we visit have been hand-picked by our local expert, a local detective and snorkeling expert who has been to more than 300 cenotes and is constantly looking for the best places. The cenotes are unique natural formations that only exist in the Yucatan Peninsula, we choose the most authentic and less commercial to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Our second stop is the open sky cenote in the middle of the jungle, a piscine of crystalline water. We chose this place for you to admire the jungle but more importantly to have fun and refresh. You will dive, jump, swim and take the most compelling photos.

The last stop, a place like no other, it’s a cave and underground river which belongs to a Mayan family and is in the middle of the jungle. Here you will explore and discover unique and unknown sights; we will enter into the heart of the jungle to see its roots and mysteries. It’s a unique experience, an adventure you will never forget.

Around 2 pm, you will have a big appetite, ¿what about one of the best local restaurants? Seafood or Mexican cuisine, Tulum or Playa del Carmen: your choice. If you don’t desire to visit a restaurant, no problem; our objective is to take you back to your lodgment as fast as possible so that enjoy the rest of your day.

In our tour, you will always feel safe and protected, especially in the water. Our snorkeling expert is always with you and we have life jackets for you. Also, he is equipped with a water rattle which optimizes the guide-tourist aquatic communication and we also carry a rescue floater to assist anyone struggling with or just wanting to take it easy in the water, we call it the "Taxi". If you wear glasses, don’t worry, at the time of your reservation, you can give us your prescription number, we have prescription diving masks. A good equipment is the key for a great experience, ours is premium and tailored for you: clean, crystal clear and leak proof; our vests are sanitized, too.